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End of term Exhibition August 2019

We mounted and exhibited our students great art works at the end of our Summer term.

End of term   Exhibition  
Dec 2019

Our end of season art exhibition is an opportunity to show your family and friends your work created throughout the course. Bringing art together into exhibits enables all students to experience their works, to talk, enjoy and connect.  It's a fun way to end the course and a memory to cherish.

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New Spring 2021 Curriculum announced

The curriculum is fun, comprehensive, interesting and seasonal. Each term has a brand new curriculum. Our new Spring term will start 12th January 2021. For more details please contact us.

End of term Exhibition September 2021

Good to be back at our venue! We had a fantastic  end of term Exhibition thanks to our lovely students and to our Dear teacher Seonaid.  More photos can be seen in our Gallery section.


End of term Exhibition December 2022

Lots of beautiful paintings created by our students throughout the term.

End of term   
Exhibition    July 2023

What a nice way to end the term! Our students worked hard to finish their work. Now, it's time to display them and enjoy the moment with family and friends.


Mounting the Artwork

We are getting ready for our Autumn Exhibition. All our students' artwork are laid on the table, they will be mounted to get displayed at the Exhibition.
You are invited to our FREE Autumn Exhibition which will be held at Trinity Church on          December 12, 2024  at 2.30pm-4.30pm  
Join us and witness the best art showcases of our talented students. This is an event that will ignite your imagination and leave you inspired.

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